Potted Herbs

Nothing compares to flavoring your everyday meal with leaves cut from fresh herbs you are growing on your own. This is the reason we have created the line of products named “AROMA Potted Herbs”. This way you can cut fresh stems and leaves of your favorite herb, to use them in cooking. The high content of aromatic compounds guaranteed by the freshness a living plant will add flavor and taste that no dried substitute can offer while all the beneficial and therapeutic properties are maximized.

Choosing the right position.

 After you purchase the plant of your choice, remove the plastic wrapping and place it in a position – usually in the kitchen – where there is plenty of light for it to flourish.  One thing not to forget is that it had a long journey to reach your home, so it will need immediate attention, in the means of watering (a cup of water will do the trick).

Most species are perennial, and quite frost hardy. This is why they will do better if put on the outside of the windowsill, with the exception of basil that prefers a position with a temperature over 15C, so it is at its best inside the house.


One thing you should not forget is that the herb you purchased is a living plant, and needs water. Watering frequency depends on season, position (if bright, direct light sees the spot you have placed it, it will need more frequent watering) and the conditions of your place. Plants when short of water can be easily spotted by the characteristic droopy appearance of the leaves.  If you do not ignore your plant, it will always be robust, and willing to offer its flavor in abundance.

If you wish, you can transplant it in a bigger size pot, a jardinière or on the ground. One thing to remember before transplanting is to offer a generous amount of water before and after. It will also need more frequent watering until it is established.





Using leaves and stems

Every time you wish to add flavor to a dish, just cut the stem with its leaves, using a pair of scissors. Make sure to leave some leaves on the plant, so it can stay alive and sprout again swiftly. The time needed to grow new leaves, differs from species to species but it is also depended on season and conditions. In any case, one thing to keep in mind is that perennials can live for many years, and you will need to transplant them since they grow quite a lot.

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