Today, the term quality when referring to food products is related to the external characteristics, size and uniformity, something that seems to be far from the essence of the term. This seems to be a Northern European trend, where production is highly mechanized and intensified, since weather conditions are not favorable but only for a relatively short seasonal period, during the summer.


For our company, quality is not something that has to do with how the product looks on the outside, but on what is the essence of it – how to enhance the special desirable characteristics of each one, and more importantly, how it tastes!
This primary goal is where our whole philosophy points to from production to packaging. Simply, it is not good for us, our products to look great, while their “real” qualities are missing.


For us, progress is not about more, but about best. This is why, we decided to trade off size over quality. We try to make this mentality our trademark, on our products, as well as on our everyday functions.
Our answer to mass industrialized agricultural production, where the motto is “get big or get out” is: “small is beautiful”

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