Sage is a perennial bush, known since ancient times. Ancient Greeks where using it as a panacea - while Dioscurides, Galen, Aëtius of Antioch and Hippocrates spoke highly of it.

Arabs also believed it was a cure-all. Romans considered it a sacred plant that represented immortality, and used it in various ceremonies.  The French call it "Greek tea" and use it – in total agreement with all the other Europeans – in cooking as well as a medicinal herb. The Chinese call it "the Greek Infusion" and consider it better than tea.


Medicinal Properties::


Sage is a herb rich in active compounds, many of them of great use in medicine – it is antibacterial, antiseptic, anticonvulsant, strengthens the heart, and helps people with diabetes. This last property makes some people consider it a panacea.

Sage infusion is perfect in cases of pharyngitis, gingivitis, ulcers and other mouth ailments. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, aiming memory and helping blood circulation. A rinse made from sage infusion relieves from cramps.

Insect bites can be dealt with by rubbing fresh sage leaves on the affected spot.

One recipe for the cure of indigestion, dysentery, and stomach ulcers, is to soak sage leaves in red wine (80gr of fresh leaves in 1lt of wine) for a weak, and then drink after each meal, one to three table spoons of the preparation.

Sage is used extensively in perfumery.


In Cooking::


Sage is used when cooking white and red meats, pasta, fish, legumes, and bread. It is also used to flavor broths, vinegar and oil.

Bees fed from sage flowers produce honey of high quality.

It is also used for the production of spirits.

TIP: Sage is one of best insect repelling plants! A pot of sage will keep at bay flies, mosquitoes and all sorts of annoying bugs – in a natural way.

You can even use it to protect clothing from moths: just prepare a mixture of dried basil, sage, lavender and rosemary in fabric bags, and put them in the closet!



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